Sunday, July 23, 2017


I followed the O. J. trial daily and even today remember it well. By far I think most white people without any doubt think O. J. is totally guilty. On the other hand I think a little less than half of the black population think O. J. is guilty.

As for me, I just don’t believe it is physical possible for one human being to commit a crime so heinous and with composure catch a plane around 30 minutes later. In fact, I don’t even believe Nicole was the main target in the first place.

I believe the jewish gentleman was the real target and Nicole was the cover, but I have nothing to go on, its just a gut feeling. 

That is just my personal opinion on the whole matter, and I’ve said too much already, so be it.  After all a religious threat was in the Los Angles newspaper around two weeks before all of this took place.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Nov. 19, 2006:
The O. J. Case.

Here I go again, commenting on something I know I have no business commenting on. But, what the heck, everybody else on radio and TV seem to be freaking out on it, why can’t I throw in my two-cent? 

Long before the trial begins when I heard the 911 tapes concerning domestic abuse; I knew then O. J. was guilty and doomed in the eyes of the larger white population. I’m still not one hundred percent sure one-way or the other on his guilt or innocent.

Anyone that knows anything about crime knows that murder is one of the hardest crimes of all to cover up. In this day of modern forensic science very few actually gets away with murder. 

The fact is, most people tend to believe what they want to believe, and then if you couple that with racial emotionalism you can forget about reasoning and objectivity. My own biggest problem with the whole thing is the time line.

When you have blood all over the place the killer must be drenched in blood, but less than a teaspoon full was found in the white carpeted get away vehicle. Even with a change of clothes I don’t understand that. 

Just think about it, to rush out of bloody clothes without remaining bloody is no easy task. Then supposedly he rushes back into the getaway vehicle with a bag of bloody clothes and dispose of them with no trace.

Also, what about composure and clear thinking in a mad emotional rush, one would have to be a super human being to do all of the above within the time line given without countless bloody slip ups. 

It was less than thirty minutes later when he boarded a plane with normal composure just like he never even broke a sweat. 

I just don’t believe it possible, I still have some doubt about the whole thing? I didn’t write this article to try to change anyone's mind; this case is far too emotional for that.

I just wanted to throw my two-cent in along with everyone else.

PS: Even now, one of the most dangerous things in the world is to do genuine in depth investigative reporting into the O. J. case; it is still too hot and dangerous.

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