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World wide the welfare state system is on the brink of destroying western civilization. It destroys a nation’s culture, its morals, its family values, and any capacity to barter. 

But, nothing has been more devastated by the welfare state than the African American community in the USA.

The African American people in America have come a long ways. The African American people survived slavery, racism, and unbelievable odds to now have a biracial black man in the white house. 

A great deal of the credit must go to all Americans because only in America could this happen.

America is still the greatest and all Americans have so much to be proud of. I write what I think and feel and pull very few punches. 

I’m old enough and remember when I went to an all black high school and violence on campus was something almost unheard of.

I remember as a teenager when there were teen clubs and soda shops where teens could dance and hang out all over town. 

Now, there are none because there is too much drug use and violence. I remember when teens had almost complete respect for authority.

Now, a five year old will cuss you out. So, what changed? What happen? What went wrong? 

I’ll tell you, the “New Deal and the welfare state” seized the family provider role for itself, that’s what went wrong. It seized the provider role and refused to enforce responsibility and accountability in raising the young that came with it.

Once the black man was kicked out of the house there was no one to instill “Self-restraint” in young black males. 

Those two words “Self-restraint” and the lack of it is why there is so much violence in the African American community. And the welfare state is what destroyed the black nuclear family and community.

All of the young gang banger and others that are committing so much senseless violence has never been conditioned to exercise self-restraint. 

Consequences in most cases are the furthest thing from a thugs mind. They have never been conditioned to expect swift and sure punishment for wrong doing.

As human we all at times get angry and frustrated, but someone with self-restraint don’t just fly of the handle. Someone that has been taught self-restraint as a child is highly unlikely to just strike out with senseless violence.

Sure, almost every human being is capable of committing a violent act if provoked enough, but that is not the case with young black males. They are killing each other at the drop of a hat at an alarming rate all over the country.

The culture mentality must be shaped very young then eighteen years later you will have a productive responsible human being; otherwise you will keep producing die hard gang bangers with a destructive mentality. 

I think one of the biggest problems in the black community is we don’t know who our friends are.

In the end no one is going to save the black community except itself. However, it is about control, who exercises control. Anybody getting fed up and wanting to get tough and throw all of drug dealers and bad guys out is going to run up against the system.

This is America we are ruled by law, but that don’t mean a community has to roll over and give up. Good and decent people always have the advantage, because at heart all people want to be thought of as good and decent. That is why culture is the most important thing of all for survival.

I don’t care if you can’t find but one or two decent people in a whole community those two should bond and shun all corruption. 

That is how decent people get and exercise control in their community, the wheat must be separated from the chaff meaning the good must be separated from the bad or one apple will spoil the whole barrel.

And there should be no exceptions unless one meets the minimum standards. To me it is the dumbest and silliest thing when supposedly intelligent African Americans wonder why taxicabs don't want to stop for blacks and why many people distrust young black males.

Hell, black taxicab drivers don't want to pick up black males, grow up and take responsibility, and I'm going to keep loving all people No matter who hates or disagrees with me. 

A community must separate itself from the rotten or the whole batch will be tainted in some way that is not just me saying it, that is reality.

All it takes is for decent people to set a standard, bond, help and support each other, and hang tough. 

The corrupted must be shunned with no exception, which is not easy to do because everyone no matter how unfit is somebody’s son, daughter, brother, sister, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grand dad, etc.

If a high standard is maintained everyone will soon want what you have. But, the system will chew you up and spit you out if there is ever a hint of violence to keep anyone out. The bad guys don't give a damn about obeying any law.

You can't beat them at their game, and they can't beat you at yours if you shun them stick together and stay the course. God save our African American community.

PS: Folks, like I keep repeating, its culture, culture, culture, and more culture, meaning a lack of it. There is no denying the fact proportional wise there are more African Americans babies being killed in the womb than anywhere in the world, Lord help us. 
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