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I think there is a phenomenon in the human psyche that I’m going to name “The master authority syndrome.” 

I describe it as an awareness of who we perceive to be the master authority in our life. I believe it is something in our human makeup that aids our social survival. 

I believe nature programmed us to be aware of who is the master authority and to know ones place in the pecking order.

That is my theses, it is not based on any research or anything else, it’s just my wisdom and observation. Now, let’s apply it to the African American experience in America. 

African Americans were brought to America as slaves and stripped bare of their language and culture. 

Back in slavery from the beginning of the new African American psyche, it was drummed in that the white master authority was the only authority.

From a survival point of view African Americans had to keep aware of the white color of the master authority or be perceived as a threat. 

So, if a black face is mentally blocked from becoming an authority that locked blacks into a permanent dependent role. And one of the pitfalls of being a dependent is sibling rivalry for the approval of the master authority.

Overall the African Americans psyche and mentality has changed very little since slavery. The African American hue ranges from ebony black to almost Lilly white, but overall we still have a white identity mentality. 

Subconsciously African Americans still perceive black to be dependent and inferior to the preferred white master authority.

As a race today; we still subconsciously see our black brothers as competitors and the enemy in winning white master authority approval. 

We won’t as a race help or support each other in business if there is a choice. Before the welfare state African Americans were slowly shedding their slavery baggage. 

Back then an all black neighborhood was the safest place a black person could be, but now it is the most dangerous place a black can be.

Back then blacks were very proud of their neighborhoods, some of the houses were run down but everyone took good care of what they had. Black business men were proud to locate in the black neighborhoods. 

Now, fast forward to today’s African American mentality. If we didn’t have a black identity bias why would our educated and elites want to get as far away as they can afford from an all black neighborhood.

Many will say the all black neighborhoods are too crime ridden, that may be true, but, blacks were fleeing well before rampant crime took over, the movie “A raising in the sun” proved that. 

Every other race will establish upper and middle class zones in and around their own community, why not African Americans? 

Sure, I may criticize African American rich and elites for deserting the black community, but the real true culprit that have destroyed our community pride and racial self-respect is the welfare state. Enough said, I think you get the point.

I know some may think I’m some kind of black separatist or anti-white hater, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact I love white people and all people. I don’t think Richard M. 

Nixon was far off the mark with some of the things he said about Africa. African Americans can learn to help and support each other and overcome this vicious sibling rivalry that is killing off so many of our young blacks.

The young African Americans don’t know it, but subconsciously they are calling each other nigger and degrading an imaginary black faced rival and enemy that is inferior and doesn’t deserve respect. 

Even though their face is the same color their own desired self image are white. The way out is to learn to love and respect all people. And here is a good formula, just repeat this quote until you learn it by heart. “I can wish all people goodwill through God which strengthens me.”

One will never denigrate his immediate family unless he doesn’t feel a part of it. It is the same with ones own race family. One will not denigrate his race by using the hated “N” word unless he mentally doesn’t feel part of something dear to him. 

That is because he doesn’t mentally know who he is. But, of course there are a few who are ignorant and just don’t give a damn. Also, I don’t buy this loony idea that “you take the sting out of a degrading word by excess usage.”

For African Americans to help and support each other the surest way would be to have a genuine survival need for each other, but that can’t happen as long as we have this handout welfare state. 

“What the hell needs can a poor black man fill for a woman except stud service and companionship at her whim, when uncle sugar with his food stamps and countless social programs is her real provider and caretaker.”

To prove just how far this society has sunk, ninety five percent of the people in this country will think what I just said was sexist and insane. 

Only about five percent of the people left in this country will have the wisdom to know that what I just said is defending the nuclear family in the face of government abuse by liberal bleeding heart do-gooders.

Without the strong traditional nuclear family this country can’t survive a nuclear blast, an economical collapse, or hardly anything. 

I double dog dare you! Prove me wrong! We have no bartering capacity left or food supplies on hand over a few days. And attacking me personally will prove nothing.

Unless this welfare state is dismantled and the nuclear family restored along with small farmers and home gardeners, this country and western civilization is doomed. 

What’s going to happen when the dollar becomes worthless? Which won’t be very much longer. You know something is terrible, terrible wrong when the rats are already secretly leaving the ship. 

All of these so called experts, especially women you see on TV with the gift of gab talking only rhetoric, they don’t have a clue as to what it will take for this great nation to survive under distress.

In my view the freedom we now enjoy may be down to one decade left. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if within ten years the US will be ruled by some kind of civilian junta, following martial law. 

There is no doubt in my mind that it is only a matter of time before this big spending welfare state economy collapses. 

The president and congress should be trying to prepare and save the central government by jettisoning as many of its burdens’ as possible. But, instead they are adding more and more big government program burdens.

They should be weaning people off the dole to prepare them to survive on their own as much as possible without government. 

Believe it or not a survival need is what holds a society together. The reason the nuclear family is not supreme anymore is because big government spending took away the survival need for it.

Sure, if government start weaning people there are going to be a lot of hot air and real suffering and even deaths, but the good will far out weigh the bad by bringing back the strong nuclear family savior. 

That is the only way the US is going to be able to survive a nuclear attack or a collapsed economy, otherwise we can kiss this country goodbye.

When all is said and done, a civilization’s survival depends on its offspring. The only true guarantee of a nation’s survival is its parents raising responsible children to care for the parents when they are too old to care for themselves. 

There is no getting around this fact, unless you are one of the few very rich. The nuclear family is the only system know to man that can carry out this feat and guarantee lasting survival.
It seems the only time the people in this country are going to wake up is when the checks they receive will hardly buy a loaf of bread. 

Them all hell is going to break loose, there will be bottle necks everywhere, there will be rioting in the streets everywhere, there will be starving and mass killings everywhere. And the masses of hungry undisciplined government dependents are going to feel what’s yours is now theirs. 

The freedoms we now enjoy will be down the tube probably forever. As for me, I just hope I’m wrong on my predictions.
Mean while back to the subject, the only other way African Americans can help and support each other is through individual “Positive thinking.” 

Just memorize the following quote and repeat it to yourself often, “I can wish all people goodwill through God which strengthens me." The answer to why African Americans vote overwhelming for one party has to do with a dependent mentality.
A parent can be a scheming phony, a two faced lier, and even worse, but as long as the kid (African America) is fed and not overly abused the kid is going to support that parent regardless. 

African Americans somewhere along the line perceived the democrat party as their white master authority parent.
It is like the unconditional love a mother has for her child. And the welfare state guarantees that African Americans and the poor stays dependent minded, thereby creating an emotional bond that cannot be broken, until these dependents are forced to grow up, stand on their own and make adult responsible choices.  More... > 


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The old Du bois versus Booker T. Washington two schools of thought still haven't been settled and probably never will. 

Washington believed that African Americans should take the self reliance route and focus first on learning the basic trade vocations to feed and control their own destiny. He didn't put a priority on integration.

On the other hand, Du bois disagreed openly with Washington and believed that African Americans should not be limited in anyway. 

Du bois believed that blacks should go the full integration route and focus on the best education possibly. In my view the Du bois way was the right way in theory and it won out on the course blacks should take even to today.

But, as any scientist will tell you what works in theory doesn't necessarily work in practice. In almost all cases for any race to improve overall it must be pulled up from the top because those are the ones with the education and resources to make it happen. 

For many races there are no color differences, that way they can blend in and move into the mainstream very easily, no problem.

But, for African Americans the norm doesn’t work in practice. The two main drawbacks are color difference and African American culture. 

In my view the biggest failure to uplift African Americans have been the black elite by deserting the black community. Sure, crime and drugs are the excuse now, but that started long before crime and drugs were a big problem; just remember the movie "A raising in the sun."

I understand safety and the need for a pecking order, but blacks could establish middle and upper class zones in or on the edge of black communities if they wanted to. 

Also, blacks should open businesses and invest back in their own communities like all other races, but it’s not happening on a large scale. I think It's something a lot deeper here that African Americans need to face and accept.

I think African Americans as a race are still running away from themselves and their communities. I don't think African Americans as a whole respect themselves unconditional as individuals and as a race with all the flaws and blemishes, unconditionally. 

I don't think most blacks have a do-for-your-self independent mentality that will make you respect yourself and people that look like you.

I think we as blacks need to face and accept one another with pride and nothing to prove, flawed and scarred but as good as anybody or any race, period. 

"We don't need a ticket to ride, or to qualify, no one asked to be born, just forgive and accept the past and move on." Do-for-your-self people don't worry about imaginary threats from the past or empty symbolism's; they are too busy working to live a proud independent dignified life.

No one can truly accept and respect you unless you first accept and respect yourself, unconditionally. The color different won't let blacks just blend into the mainstream unnoticed, plus, there is an unspoken negative stereotypical image of blacks as a whole. 

That unspoken image associates blacks as a whole with property devalue, social baggage, crime, and a few other negative stereotypes.

Still, genes are getting through because in my view big booties are no longer limited to African Americans. 

The culture drawback is far too many African Americans still unconsciously believe the old black stereotype that black is inferior (that the white man's beer is colder). 

Far too many blacks still see other blacks as competitors and the enemy in winning mainstream approval.

For that reason we tend not to support one another as a whole in business in the black communities like back in the nineteen forties and fifties.

Lately I hear the term “Protect the Children” and we know what is best for the children. In my view it is like “The three blind men examining an elephant.” 

I can’t remember all of the details, but all three came away with a different conclusion, one thought the legs were tree trunks. From a big picture point of view it is impossible for the welfare state to truly protect the children.

Until recently, going back over five thousand years the children were always protected because of one simple fact, the parents needed them for survival. 

Today most parents see children as love items to be pampered and doted upon. Kids are almost never seen as future meal tickets, which they are. 

The welfare state has taken away the need for the male head of household and the need to raise children like ones life will depends on it.

The supreme natural law of human survival is based on a survival need, and bleeding heart do good liberals have all but destroyed any need for responsibility, accountability, or anything else. 

I’m totally against any abuse of any child for any reason, period. God save us. More... > 



Article original wrote back on Sunday, August 26, 2007.
Well, for what it is worth I decided to add my two cents to the subject, "On the down low." It is no secret that AIDS is far out of proportion in the African American communities and even on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). There must be a reason why this is so. I was the first one that pointed out that the revolving door in and out of the prison system was the leading factor. But, that still doesn't explain why this out of proportion also exists on HBCUs.

That means there must be a culture factor involved. Many believe it is how the African American community defines homosexuality. The general mainstream assumption is that anyone participating in a homosexual act is a homosexual, but that is not what many minority men believe. A great many minority men view homosexuality basically in the same light as masturbation. They view the act in terms of dominant or submission or driver or receiver.

They believe that as long as they are in the dominant role and doing the driving their manhood is not at issue or threatened. They feel they are only acting like a squirrel as long as it is kept secret. Whereas, it is only the one that is in the submissive and receiving role that makes one a homosexual. As a writer I'm not deciding anything, I'm just trying to shine as much light as possible on the true mindset.

To get at the AIDS problem, you first need to understand what people are really thinking. The fact is, it boils down to the same old saw, that is permissive sexual behavior and loose morals. Men have in the past and will always try to get easy sex from whoever will give it up. So, the ultimate AIDS solution lies with the women in this country. Women need to stop giving up all of this easy unobligated sex, period. And I put the entire blame on why they won't keep their legs cross on the welfare state. 

Before the welfare state a woman needed and depended on men for survival and there was no way most was going to give up their number one bargaining chip without a commitment of some sort  

Back before we had a super big government sugar daddy provider, very few African American women would give up easy sex without an obligated commitment, and even then he had to be of sound character. Back then If a suitor wouldn't go to church and clean up his act, it was "Her way or the highway," and she had a strong dad or brother that would kick butt to back her up. My solution as always gets the government the hell out of the family provider business.

Now because of the vast improvement of new drug we don’t hear much about AIDS anymore but still that don’t mean it’s gone away. There is still no cure and taking what is called a cocktail of drugs is no easy burden on the stomach for some.

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The subject of prostitution is where you will find more hypocrites and self-righteousness than anywhere else. I'm not condoning anything, I'm just writing my views and observations. 

When you go back in history one thing all civilizations had in common was they had the wisdom to leave certain things alone. Prostitution was one of those things. 

It has always been legal and tolerated throughout history for a very good reason. But now, especially many of the hypocrites in the USA and western Europe think it is the devils workshop. 

And what do we have, untold numbers of perverts, child molesters, and sex offenders all because the little head took over in a moment of weakness. Why shouldn't there be a legal means for these men to find some relief?

In fact, in my view it is shallow and stupid to make prostitution illegal, why do you think we have so many child molesters and all kinds of perverts? Sure, regulate it and keep it under control but it should never be made illegal. 

Mother Nature gave great pleasure to eating and sex to make sure there will be future generations. Therefore, those with real wisdom tend to leave prostitution alone as a necessary sin and not preach and fool around with it.

Prostitution is a venting mechanism that takes pressure off the good decent nuclear family way of life. There are certain things we can pretend to get rid of, but in reality we can't and still remain civilized. 

We may be human, civilized, and all that, but we still have animal instincts. Right now, there is more sneaking around after dark than most of us would like to believe. Sexual energy is no fantasy it is physical and real whether we like it or not.

It is one of the most powerful forces in our entire make up. Sexual energy will build up like pressure in a steel drum and if it is not vented in a harmless way society is going to pay a price. 

It’s not something that can be snuffed out without serious side effects; sages of the distance past understood that. 

Just look around to where the force of some of this energy is popping out in perverted ways. There is a reason why the world's oldest profession is still around.

Many will strongly disagree with my observations on this, but in my view the oldest profession has always been and will always be a societal relief valve. It is a relief valve for the unmarried and many other situations. 

Common sense should tell you what happens when a relief valve is closed off, something is gonna blow. Men by nature are aggressive creatures and sometimes one slight touch or one show of affection will prevent total self-destruction.

As it is those that are ugly, antisocial, and with many other imperfections can't find legal sexual relief. Most men can channel their sexual energy into other productive things, but some cannot. 

Why do you think we have such a long list of child molesters and other perverts now days? My guess is un-vented sexual energy is one leading cause. With no legal relief of sexual energy the only choice for many is manual self-relief (with the aid of porn).

To get sexual relief a lot of men have sold out their soul and true beliefs, then start believing their sold out views as fact, that is one reason why you see so many spineless men today. 

Most of us have seen cases where a young man stays in trouble and is out of control, and then he finds a girl friend or gets married and becomes as calm as a cucumber. 

Sure, he may feel more responsible, but the main reason is most of his aggression is being vented. Capitalizing on self-sexual relief is what's behind and driving this whole out of control invasive video pornography sex industry. 

There may be a lot of lookers, but the ones actually spending big money and buying are viewing for masturbating purpose, which is supporting and allowing all of this sluttish invasive stuff to be in our face. 

Why would one pay to watch a video when they can legal get the real thing. Sure, a few might but I don't believe the big bucks would be driving porn like what is happening now. 

Surprisingly, women make up almost half of these buying consumers (which may include a bathroom ceremony complete with candles).

Come on folks! Far too many men are watching porn, and what woman ain't got a hidden toy, give me a break, who knows, maybe it's just me imagining too many things. 

Maybe I should admit publishing this whole article was a gross mistake and pretend it never happened. Forgive my bad judgment folks, lesson learned.

However, I got news for anyone watching too much pornography. It can dull ones sexual imagination and lock one into a visual stimulation only mode in order to stay aroused. 

And make even a teenager addictive to where normal sex is not possible. My intent is not to write how thing should or should not be, but to write things the way they really are.

This is more wide spread than you may think, many young men after a night of partying prefer to cap the night home alone masturbating to porn. 

My god! If that ain't a threat to the future I don't know what is. So, "How do you like me now? More... > 





This subject reminds me of the vacationing tourist that walked up to a local that had his feet propped up and was kicked back under a tree. The tourist asked the man, "Why don't you get up and get a job?" The local said, "For what?" "To make money." "Make money for what," said the local? "So you can relax, enjoy yourself, and take it easy later in life."

The local said, "Why bother I'm already doing all that." The point I'm trying to make is what really matters in life is food, shelter, and the basics for a comfortable life. It matters not if one makes a hundred dollars a day if one can't afford enough food, shelter, warmest, and the basic comforts of life.

In my view protecting the culture and producing enough food to survive should always be the first priorities for any country. The surest way to destroy any country is to take away its struggle to survive, period. When the struggle to survive goes, so goes individual accountability and responsibility followed by disrespect for authority, moral decay, crime, drug, and on and on.

In my view any poor country that has great wealth in natural resources or by any other means should use a dual track economy. What I mean by dual track is always keep the great wealth income completely separated to be spent only on infra structural, and never to be use for handouts. In fact stay away from hand outs, period, if you want to save your culture, handouts is a white man's disease.

I don't believe there is a poor country anywhere that couldn't feed itself on its own if the government would allow producers to keep ninety percent of all profit. There would be entrepreneurs springing up almost overnight to fill the need, but those governments would never keep hand off higher taxes, no way.
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The other day I was listening to this commentator and he asked something to this effect, "Can you prove that we are not the most intelligent beings in the universe." 

I thought about that and decided to ponder the question. I'm not sure if I or anyone can prove it but I know there is a higher power, you can call him God, Jehovah, Allah, A superior being, or whatever. You see, we are in a mental box called logic.

We are locked in and cannot escape. With only logic we will never be able to understand the beginning of our existence or our purpose here on earth. 

Logic dictates that there had to be a beginning at some point in time, which makes it impossible to ever understand our existence with only logic. 

The actual facts are man doesn't truly know what time or existence mean. Example: Computers are locked in a binary system and cannot escape.

Computers respond only to a negative or a positive polarity. Super computers are super fast but they still can't get past the binary system. 

Our five senses connects us to reality, otherwise there would be no reality. Does that mean there would still be reality if no life could sense it? 

Like the old question: "If a tree fell in the Forrest and there were nothing or no body there to hear it, would there be a sound?"

Who knows, in time other senses could evolve to produce a higher level of intelligent. There are animals that have senses that can match almost anything we can do with modern technology and probably countless other things we haven't discovered and are not aware of. 

There are animals that have senses of radar, sonar, electricity, and many other things that modern technology can and cannot do.

Who knows, there may be infinite worlds and dimensions coexisting with us that we don't have the senses to detect. Who knows how Nessie and Bigfoot come and goes. 

In most of the animal world smell is the dominant sense and is many, many times more powerful than ours. Down wind a polar bear can smell prey almost a hundred miles away. It is almost unbelievable what a blood hound can do with the sense of smell.

Logic dictates that there must be a beginning to everything. Just think of the old riddle, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" 

Being boxed in with logic we can't even solve a simple little riddle like that. But, we know the answer must lie somewhere. We understand relativity; nothing doesn’t just happen with no connection. 

In closing, wise men realized long ago that our power to reason was limited, so for the sake of sanity there must be a deity or deities with all the answers.

I totally agree. Wait, hold on a moment, I've decided to delve deeper into this chicken and egg riddle. Actually there is no such thing as which came first in the "Which came first, the chicken or the egg riddle." 

The chicken or the egg riddle is actually a life cycle circuit which is a unit of one. No matter how many parts a circuit has it still operates as one unit. 

Some believe even the earth itself is like a unit of one huge ultra super, super egg, and the universe an even bigger one.

My observation of the unit of one oneness opens up far deeper questions, but I will leave it there for now.

Sure, life can evolve and adapt, but, a beginning life cycle circuit must be made, powered, maintained, and exist for some purpose. We humans don't make electrical circuits without some purpose. 
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