Sunday, August 26, 2007


I think there is a phenomenon in the human psyche that I’m going to name “The master authority syndrome.” 

I describe it as an awareness of who we perceive to be the master authority in our life. I believe it is something in our human makeup that aids our social survival. 

I believe nature programmed us to be aware of who is the master authority and to know ones place in the pecking order.

That is my theses, it is not based on any research or anything else, it’s just my wisdom and observation. Now, let’s apply it to the African American experience in America. 

African Americans were brought to America as slaves and stripped bare of their language and culture. 

Back in slavery from the beginning of the new African American psyche, it was drummed in that the white master authority was the only authority.

From a survival point of view African Americans had to keep aware of the white color of the master authority or be perceived as a threat. 

So, if a black face is mentally blocked from becoming an authority that locked blacks into a permanent dependent role. And one of the pitfalls of being a dependent is sibling rivalry for the approval of the master authority.

Overall the African Americans psyche and mentality has changed very little since slavery. The African American hue ranges from ebony black to almost Lilly white, but overall we still have a white identity mentality. 

Subconsciously African Americans still perceive black to be dependent and inferior to the preferred white master authority.

As a race today; we still subconsciously see our black brothers as competitors and the enemy in winning white master authority approval. 

We won’t as a race help or support each other in business if there is a choice. Before the welfare state African Americans were slowly shedding their slavery baggage. 

Back then an all black neighborhood was the safest place a black person could be, but now it is the most dangerous place a black can be.

Back then blacks were very proud of their neighborhoods, some of the houses were run down but everyone took good care of what they had. Black business men were proud to locate in the black neighborhoods. 

Now, fast forward to today’s African American mentality. If we didn’t have a black identity bias why would our educated and elites want to get as far away as they can afford from an all black neighborhood.

Many will say the all black neighborhoods are too crime ridden, that may be true, but, blacks were fleeing well before rampant crime took over, the movie “A raising in the sun” proved that. 

Every other race will establish upper and middle class zones in and around their own community, why not African Americans? 

Sure, I may criticize African American rich and elites for deserting the black community, but the real true culprit that have destroyed our community pride and racial self-respect is the welfare state. Enough said, I think you get the point.

I know some may think I’m some kind of black separatist or anti-white hater, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact I love white people and all people. I don’t think Richard M. 

Nixon was far off the mark with some of the things he said about Africa. African Americans can learn to help and support each other and overcome this vicious sibling rivalry that is killing off so many of our young blacks.

The young African Americans don’t know it, but subconsciously they are calling each other nigger and degrading an imaginary black faced rival and enemy that is inferior and doesn’t deserve respect. 

Even though their face is the same color their own desired self image are white. The way out is to learn to love and respect all people. And here is a good formula, just repeat this quote until you learn it by heart. “I can wish all people goodwill through God which strengthens me.”

One will never denigrate his immediate family unless he doesn’t feel a part of it. It is the same with ones own race family. One will not denigrate his race by using the hated “N” word unless he mentally doesn’t feel part of something dear to him. 

That is because he doesn’t mentally know who he is. But, of course there are a few who are ignorant and just don’t give a damn. Also, I don’t buy this loony idea that “you take the sting out of a degrading word by excess usage.”

For African Americans to help and support each other the surest way would be to have a genuine survival need for each other, but that can’t happen as long as we have this handout welfare state. 

“What the hell needs can a poor black man fill for a woman except stud service and companionship at her whim, when uncle sugar with his food stamps and countless social programs is her real provider and caretaker.”

To prove just how far this society has sunk, ninety five percent of the people in this country will think what I just said was sexist and insane. 

Only about five percent of the people left in this country will have the wisdom to know that what I just said is defending the nuclear family in the face of government abuse by liberal bleeding heart do-gooders.

Without the strong traditional nuclear family this country can’t survive a nuclear blast, an economical collapse, or hardly anything. 

I double dog dare you! Prove me wrong! We have no bartering capacity left or food supplies on hand over a few days. And attacking me personally will prove nothing.

Unless this welfare state is dismantled and the nuclear family restored along with small farmers and home gardeners, this country and western civilization is doomed. 

What’s going to happen when the dollar becomes worthless? Which won’t be very much longer. You know something is terrible, terrible wrong when the rats are already secretly leaving the ship. 

All of these so called experts, especially women you see on TV with the gift of gab talking only rhetoric, they don’t have a clue as to what it will take for this great nation to survive under distress.

In my view the freedom we now enjoy may be down to one decade left. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if within ten years the US will be ruled by some kind of civilian junta, following martial law. 

There is no doubt in my mind that it is only a matter of time before this big spending welfare state economy collapses. 

The president and congress should be trying to prepare and save the central government by jettisoning as many of its burdens’ as possible. But, instead they are adding more and more big government program burdens.

They should be weaning people off the dole to prepare them to survive on their own as much as possible without government. 

Believe it or not a survival need is what holds a society together. The reason the nuclear family is not supreme anymore is because big government spending took away the survival need for it.

Sure, if government start weaning people there are going to be a lot of hot air and real suffering and even deaths, but the good will far out weigh the bad by bringing back the strong nuclear family savior. 

That is the only way the US is going to be able to survive a nuclear attack or a collapsed economy, otherwise we can kiss this country goodbye.

When all is said and done, a civilization’s survival depends on its offspring. The only true guarantee of a nation’s survival is its parents raising responsible children to care for the parents when they are too old to care for themselves. 

There is no getting around this fact, unless you are one of the few very rich. The nuclear family is the only system know to man that can carry out this feat and guarantee lasting survival.
It seems the only time the people in this country are going to wake up is when the checks they receive will hardly buy a loaf of bread. 

Them all hell is going to break loose, there will be bottle necks everywhere, there will be rioting in the streets everywhere, there will be starving and mass killings everywhere. And the masses of hungry undisciplined government dependents are going to feel what’s yours is now theirs. 

The freedoms we now enjoy will be down the tube probably forever. As for me, I just hope I’m wrong on my predictions.
Mean while back to the subject, the only other way African Americans can help and support each other is through individual “Positive thinking.” 

Just memorize the following quote and repeat it to yourself often, “I can wish all people goodwill through God which strengthens me." The answer to why African Americans vote overwhelming for one party has to do with a dependent mentality.
A parent can be a scheming phony, a two faced lier, and even worse, but as long as the kid (African America) is fed and not overly abused the kid is going to support that parent regardless. 

African Americans somewhere along the line perceived the democrat party as their white master authority parent.
It is like the unconditional love a mother has for her child. And the welfare state guarantees that African Americans and the poor stays dependent minded, thereby creating an emotional bond that cannot be broken, until these dependents are forced to grow up, stand on their own and make adult responsible choices.  More... > 



  1. Hi Freddie, you have said some very very interesting stuff. I live in Australia, so your perspective is new to me: but I can see some parallels to this country and the Aboriginals. I get what you mean about the welfare state and it has merit; but I don't know how you could make it work and not have abandoned women and their kids suffer. Still, it is to blame for a lot of stuff. I think problems (at least here) are not only because of the dissolution of the nuclear family, but loss of standards of behaviour and values, too. Also, I was wondering - do you think a carry-over of ancient tribalism comes into this?

  2. Freddie.. I hope you are wrong in your predictions also..but I'm afraid you're right on target.
    I saw this coming many years ago, I use to live in Columbus but I felt that Government interference, mad spending, etc., would eventually lead to a Police State so I left... I now live in Mexico, Theres problems here also, but not as serious as in the U.S., theres still a family nucleus here, I have things I'm not allowed to have in the U.S., like complete medical attention and just not being harrassed by the authorities means a lot. My kids went to drug free schools and respect their parents.... a lot you read in U.S. papers about Mexico is straight from the ministry of propaganda.
    Keep up the truth...hope you survive..bob

  3. Dear Freddie, I am pondering your interesting post, I have tried to address the subject of slavery and segregation in America from my understanding as a a caucasion. I gighly respect you and want to read more of your views. God bless you and your family!