Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The other day I was listening to this commentator and he asked something to this effect, "Can you prove that we are not the most intelligent beings in the universe." 

I thought about that and decided to ponder the question. I'm not sure if I or anyone can prove it but I know there is a higher power, you can call him God, Jehovah, Allah, A superior being, or whatever. You see, we are in a mental box called logic.

We are locked in and cannot escape. With only logic we will never be able to understand the beginning of our existence or our purpose here on earth. 

Logic dictates that there had to be a beginning at some point in time, which makes it impossible to ever understand our existence with only logic. 

The actual facts are man doesn't truly know what time or existence mean. Example: Computers are locked in a binary system and cannot escape.

Computers respond only to a negative or a positive polarity. Super computers are super fast but they still can't get past the binary system. 

Our five senses connects us to reality, otherwise there would be no reality. Does that mean there would still be reality if no life could sense it? 

Like the old question: "If a tree fell in the Forrest and there were nothing or no body there to hear it, would there be a sound?"

Who knows, in time other senses could evolve to produce a higher level of intelligent. There are animals that have senses that can match almost anything we can do with modern technology and probably countless other things we haven't discovered and are not aware of. 

There are animals that have senses of radar, sonar, electricity, and many other things that modern technology can and cannot do.

Who knows, there may be infinite worlds and dimensions coexisting with us that we don't have the senses to detect. Who knows how Nessie and Bigfoot come and goes. 

In most of the animal world smell is the dominant sense and is many, many times more powerful than ours. Down wind a polar bear can smell prey almost a hundred miles away. It is almost unbelievable what a blood hound can do with the sense of smell.

Logic dictates that there must be a beginning to everything. Just think of the old riddle, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" 

Being boxed in with logic we can't even solve a simple little riddle like that. But, we know the answer must lie somewhere. We understand relativity; nothing doesn’t just happen with no connection. 

In closing, wise men realized long ago that our power to reason was limited, so for the sake of sanity there must be a deity or deities with all the answers.

I totally agree. Wait, hold on a moment, I've decided to delve deeper into this chicken and egg riddle. Actually there is no such thing as which came first in the "Which came first, the chicken or the egg riddle." 

The chicken or the egg riddle is actually a life cycle circuit which is a unit of one. No matter how many parts a circuit has it still operates as one unit. 

Some believe even the earth itself is like a unit of one huge ultra super, super egg, and the universe an even bigger one.

My observation of the unit of one oneness opens up far deeper questions, but I will leave it there for now.

Sure, life can evolve and adapt, but, a beginning life cycle circuit must be made, powered, maintained, and exist for some purpose. We humans don't make electrical circuits without some purpose. 
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  1. I, Freddie L Sirmans Sr. wrote this article back in 2007 and decided to share it. I have written so much that it amazes me on some of my older articles.