Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The old Du bois versus Booker T. Washington two schools of thought still haven't been settled and probably never will. 

Washington believed that African Americans should take the self reliance route and focus first on learning the basic trade vocations to feed and control their own destiny. He didn't put a priority on integration.

On the other hand, Du bois disagreed openly with Washington and believed that African Americans should not be limited in anyway. 

Du bois believed that blacks should go the full integration route and focus on the best education possibly. In my view the Du bois way was the right way in theory and it won out on the course blacks should take even to today.

But, as any scientist will tell you what works in theory doesn't necessarily work in practice. In almost all cases for any race to improve overall it must be pulled up from the top because those are the ones with the education and resources to make it happen. 

For many races there are no color differences, that way they can blend in and move into the mainstream very easily, no problem.

But, for African Americans the norm doesn’t work in practice. The two main drawbacks are color difference and African American culture. 

In my view the biggest failure to uplift African Americans have been the black elite by deserting the black community. Sure, crime and drugs are the excuse now, but that started long before crime and drugs were a big problem; just remember the movie "A raising in the sun."

I understand safety and the need for a pecking order, but blacks could establish middle and upper class zones in or on the edge of black communities if they wanted to. 

Also, blacks should open businesses and invest back in their own communities like all other races, but it’s not happening on a large scale. I think It's something a lot deeper here that African Americans need to face and accept.

I think African Americans as a race are still running away from themselves and their communities. I don't think African Americans as a whole respect themselves unconditional as individuals and as a race with all the flaws and blemishes, unconditionally. 

I don't think most blacks have a do-for-your-self independent mentality that will make you respect yourself and people that look like you.

I think we as blacks need to face and accept one another with pride and nothing to prove, flawed and scarred but as good as anybody or any race, period. 

"We don't need a ticket to ride, or to qualify, no one asked to be born, just forgive and accept the past and move on." Do-for-your-self people don't worry about imaginary threats from the past or empty symbolism's; they are too busy working to live a proud independent dignified life.

No one can truly accept and respect you unless you first accept and respect yourself, unconditionally. The color different won't let blacks just blend into the mainstream unnoticed, plus, there is an unspoken negative stereotypical image of blacks as a whole. 

That unspoken image associates blacks as a whole with property devalue, social baggage, crime, and a few other negative stereotypes.

Still, genes are getting through because in my view big booties are no longer limited to African Americans. 

The culture drawback is far too many African Americans still unconsciously believe the old black stereotype that black is inferior (that the white man's beer is colder). 

Far too many blacks still see other blacks as competitors and the enemy in winning mainstream approval.

For that reason we tend not to support one another as a whole in business in the black communities like back in the nineteen forties and fifties.

Lately I hear the term “Protect the Children” and we know what is best for the children. In my view it is like “The three blind men examining an elephant.” 

I can’t remember all of the details, but all three came away with a different conclusion, one thought the legs were tree trunks. From a big picture point of view it is impossible for the welfare state to truly protect the children.

Until recently, going back over five thousand years the children were always protected because of one simple fact, the parents needed them for survival. 

Today most parents see children as love items to be pampered and doted upon. Kids are almost never seen as future meal tickets, which they are. 

The welfare state has taken away the need for the male head of household and the need to raise children like ones life will depends on it.

The supreme natural law of human survival is based on a survival need, and bleeding heart do good liberals have all but destroyed any need for responsibility, accountability, or anything else. 

I’m totally against any abuse of any child for any reason, period. God save us. More... > 


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